Finding a place to house important documents can be stressful. When storing these documents at home, it can be easy to misplace them or lose them entirely if there is an accident. Because of the concern for safety, many people have chosen to store their important documents in a safe deposit box to ensure that their documents are protected and easily accessible.

What is a Safe Deposit Box?

Safe deposit boxes are metal boxes typically found in banks and credit unions. iSafeBoxes Rental has created a state-of-the-art private safe deposit box facility that allows the community to safely store their important documents at a much lower rate.  At iSafe, only you, your co-tenant will have the key to your box, so you won’t have to worry about a stranger easily being able to break into it. Additionally, the boxes can survive most flooding and fires with no harm to the contents inside.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Safe Box?

iSafe provides different tenure schemes. The price of the safe boxes will depend on the size of the box as well as the rent duration. Starting at as low as one month, there are several options that allow up to 120 month rental which includes a discount.

What Should I Store in an iSafe box?

There are many documents and objects that may be tempting to put into the iSafe box, but if you are working with little space, the contents should be limited to:

  • Property records- These records can be used to prove ownership of your home. Examples of this may include the deed to your home and any settlement documents pertaining to the purchase of your home.
  • Personal records- This is any personal information specific to you or your family—for example, social security cards, divorce certificates, adoption paperwork, or death certificates. 
  • Car title- This document is only really needed if you intend to sell your car, so keeping it in the box will provide it safety until then.
  • Stock and bond certificates- Since the early 2000s, purchasing stocks has provided buyers with certificates to prove ownership. Similarly, you may receive certificates for bonds via the mail. These certificates can be essential to store for tax purposes.
  • Items of value- Some people chose to place small valuable objects such as jewelry or family heirlooms into iSafe’s boxes.
  • Items of personal significance- Some items that people may choose to store are old photos or letters from loved ones.

What Shouldn’t I Store In an iSafe Box?

Discerning what items to put into your iSafe box may be tricky. Some items that are discouraged from going into iSafe boxes are:

  • Perishable products- Items like food or drinks are not permitted to be stored in the safe box.
  • Firearms- Including ammunition, these items are prohibited from being stored.
  • Hazardous/explosive materials- Any type of blasting agent and anything that is flammable are prohibited. 
  • Illegal, stolen items- Any illegal or stolen item should not be stored.
  • Any property which is prohibited by local, state, or federal law – Drugs or illegal substances.

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