For most of us, in preparation for the future, we invest in things or items wherein its value increases over time — it could be pieces of jewelry, stocks, properties, collectibles, and other valuable items. And when it comes to valuable items, as much as possible, you would want to store it in a very secure place, away from the prying eyes of people and safe from any harm or destruction. 

When it comes to storage facilities, people would often ask themselves, “Should I store my valuables in a bank safe box, or should I consider private safe boxes?” To help you answer this question, let us understand their differences first.

Bank Safe Boxes

While not all banks offer safe-keeping services, there are still some that provide safe deposit boxes for your essential documents and other valuables, especially if you already have an account in their bank. And should you have an account or accounts in the bank, this also means that your acquisition with safe boxes may not be so private anymore. They may also have the ability to restrict access to your box, too, if you have pending arrears on your account.

Banks are also government regulated, which means they have to follow specific requirements and guidelines. On the subject of bankruptcies, the government will seize or freeze all the bank contents and branches, including the contents in your safe boxes.

Banks are open on business days, usually with an opening hour from 8:00 AM until 4:00 or 5:00 PM. Anytime within their opening hours, clients will be able to check and access their safe deposit boxes. As part of the bank’s security protocol, you may be required to notify them in advance in case you would like to visit your safe deposit boxes with a valid ID on each visit. 

Many banks have numerous terms and conditions or have a limit for access to your safe deposit box. Apart from that, most banks do not offer insurance coverage for your safe deposit box so you may need to buy a separate policy for this. 

Private Safe Boxes

Private safe boxes services are offered by self-regulated members of a reputable association. Apart from that, these private deposit boxes are fully insured by reputable insurers like Safe Deposit Box Insurance Company.  

If you want privacy in your safe deposit box, then getting it from a private facility is the best option. When you get a private safe deposit box from iSafeBoxes Rental, located in Ashburn VA, the only person who will have knowledge of your safe box will be you and another authorized person noted in the initial agreement. Our staff will never get a glimpse of the contents of your box. Contact us for more information or to register today! (571) 399-9399

Another great aspect of a private safe box is that you will have unlimited access to your vaults with longer opening hours. Not only that, with private storage facilities, you can expect top-notch and round-the-clock security. Private storage facilities also offer full insurance coverage for your safe boxes and everything that is in them without any additional insurance costs. 

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