There is no place like home; it gives you comfort and security. This is the place where you are at ease the most. Well, what if your home got invaded by a burglar and took most of your prized possessions? Would you still feel safe and secured? Would you always be so confident to leave your valuables in your home whenever you go to work in the morning or travel? 

Did you know that according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a burglary happens every 13 seconds in the US? Or over 3,300 burglaries in a day or 2.5 million burglaries in a year! This means that the places we live in are not so safe from home invasions after all.

Keeping your valuables safe

People have this common notion that our valuables are safest where we can always see them. This could be partially true since you will know right away once it is missing. However, with all the property crimes going on every second, you need to find a secure hiding spot inside your home that is safe enough for your valuables.  You can hide them in a hollow corner of your room or bury them in your yard. While this may be an effective method to conceal your valuables, it can also put your prized possessions at risk of loss or damage and decrease their value. 

The safest way to store your valuables and protect them from getting damaged or lost is to store them in safe boxes. A safe box is a secured container in a private vault that will keep your valuables protected against vandalism, robberies, fire, floods, storms, earthquakes, and other calamities that can damage or lose it. 

The need for safety deposit boxes

Burglaries and property crimes are like accidents, they come when you least expect them. Thus, making safe deposit boxes substantially essential. The best thing about safe boxes is that it is durable enough to withstand any disaster. iSafeBoxes Rental facility offers round the clock maximum security surveillance using modern technology. With this, you will have peace of mind that whatever may happen or wherever you may go, your most precious items are always safe and protected. 

Safe box storage facilities also have flexible and longer hours of operation so that you won’t have a problem in times you like to check on your valuables. And only you will be able to access your vault. For added protection and security, you will be asked for an identification card, an iris & facial scan, and digital photo recognition when you deposit your valuables. 

Moreover, with safety deposit boxes, there will be many size options that will tailor to your storage needs — whether it’s jewelry and precious heirlooms, important documents, or collectibles. At iSafeBoxes Rental, we offer safety deposit box insurance that will protect your investments against loss and damage. Complimentary insurance of $5000 is offered for every safe deposit box that covers all kinds of risks. If you’re in the Northern Virginia area in need of a safety deposit box rental, contact us today!

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